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a s^^lid UhIv in tho vtrr oxtTt'^mo^i state of subdivision c<»iceivable. Its
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2 taken in by the heart muscle varies directly with the maximal ten-
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than Prof. Biirney Yeo is quoted as having said/ " that the most im-
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the male germ which has found its way into the ovum, just
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to the Metropolitan Hospital, but left after a few days. Previous to his second
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a tenaculum and applying a ligature with equal traction of its
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ward complication to be found as the direct result of the opera-
eased swine, which has brought me in pleasant inter-
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and the total number of vibrations which enter into the sound com-
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the day were for two sessions, one in the forenoon and one in the after-
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every patient is informed and warned in reference to the easy communica-
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disease, and also the acute exanthemata, as they are usually of a
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lever, and prevents the compression of the vertebra. It also prevents
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the soand woald be injadicioas, until the tenderness had been dimin-
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manifestations consist in the growth of the peculiar substance,
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being the case." — "Having reached the extreme depth of the canal,
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have been largely copied, libei'ally translated, and extensively commented
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the right side, close above the inner end of the clavi-
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displacement of their shadows in the two exposures will differ
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bastard, puerperal fever, croup, typhus, typhoid fever, bowel complaint, cholera
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it is sufficient. To attempt to make an abscess cavity aseptic is
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Fatal Results from Amputation of Fingers. — Case 1. A man,
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that every nontraumatic joint inflammation is a metastatic manifesta-
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that these facts are not confined to experiments in
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off his white robe; alj waSvbrackjDess and darkness. I
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The liver is usually enlarged. The capillaries are widened and
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lents that we obtain from beef and mutton. The inhabitants of
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agreeable when not too long applied. The sense of hearing is not impaired
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too much the effect of distracting the practitioner
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ficult for her to get around. At the time this patient
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centage than in typhoid, Avhich in typho-malarial fever is probably due to
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hemiplegia. This diagnosis required that the encephalitis should be limited to
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following conclusions : That the calibre of the ball, the prox-
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portion of the body of the sternum. Various efforts were
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but often attended with alarming consequences. Inflammation
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table and the table for instruments. An apparatus for
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jiractical application of them to aid the populace in preventing dental