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not an ordinary lancet as it makes a clean incision
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give him a mild kind of shock leaving him tremulous
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simple inflammation to a solution of continuity the
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uterine disorders in gonorrhea and as a wash for rectal sores. British
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The nerves involved are the superior laryngeal and the
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from the radial side of the tendons of the flexor digi
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vestigators to the protozoa found in the intestinal
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courses in the arts and in medicine he went successively
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ing to the extremities and head but there is no direct correspondence
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methods of counterirritation were absolutely contra
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He states further that excitation of the cervical sympathetic causes constriction
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and underlying muscle must be free but need not extend
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in this disease the papilte are primarily involved and
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bacilli were found in the tonsil did not indicate that
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endocarditis partial hypertrophy and dilation of the heart
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basis of pharmacological data it may be anticipated that
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tegrated its lower layers so that they appeared as ragged
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the ligamentum gastro colicum. In the tail of the pancreas
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forty two years old a waiter who had had diphtheria
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proper in mere granular disease owing to their affecting the kidneys
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operation would other things being equal give it the
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tives the higher the magnification the shorter will be the focal dis
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remains unchanged or becomes altered. If the latter occurs the in
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than the treatment of the tympanum proper. The fault
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from any cause. This product should not be used in patients
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mucous membrane and are compared by De la Sota to syphilitic nnu ous
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ridicule sarcasm joy pain agony malice revenge hatred are
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remained under ioo and the highest temperature recorded was.
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and accompanied by high temperatures. Perfect recovery
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years ago. From the time of the operation for appen
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stances which afford the most effectual consolation and