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lingers. At Milton for example ague is still common in the autumn.

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by discovering the origin of some of these maladies.

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tory Laparotomy Subsequent Removal of the Polypus and

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tween this disease and syphilis or lupus may be difficult

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general adenitis to a moderate extent. I have not seen

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times involving large interests. And the validity ot this class of legislation

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past as the following historical facts plainly show.

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considerations to which no one can be indifferent. But you do

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typhoid fever occurred on farm A. adjoining farm B. Mrs B wife of

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importance to the few characters of local deposit which might

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pital and have laboured most earnestly to engraft it on your

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that gastrojejunostomy still remained the operation

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question in a letter which he had received from one of the physicians

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logically and clinically he presented at the present a

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each being ready to come into action on the application of its own

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methods of protection should be employed. Special care should be