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the external genitalia of women of all ages especially the interlabial

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Dr. Harris Before the adoption of that report I would

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Dr. Little made some remarks as to syphilis being the most probable

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may be pardoned for a moment s digression I would emphasize

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They may multiply in these places and are then liable to modify

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immunization which protects mice against pneumococcus infections. Moro observed

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ordinary hypertonic saline solution. British Medical

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wool cloth. As yet the Allies have no means of protection against it.

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nearly all healed and covered by scabs. The broken

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losis. F. Tilden Brown urges the importance of early diag

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tion of attenuated rabbit virus. Possibly in other cases the failure

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the ocular muscles are uncommon. Strabismus is fre

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three thousand autopsies. He stated that the pitfalls came

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before the st of October wiU be allowed to complete

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the vaginal roof on one or both sides of the uterus in