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hours from the first administration I injected by the hypodermic

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General Features The Fever. As I have already stated the fever

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When the disease has lasted for some days the anus becomes

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and apparatus of the Institution at Bloomington valued probably at

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himself. In all the animals so far studied the effects

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Cusa died a generation at least before Paracelsus was

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Facts in the history of Asiatic cholera. Clendenin.

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fluous to draw attention to the fact that patients con

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first article will recapitulate the method of fixing etc.

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be much lessened by turning the open ditches into blind ones draining

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developed he looked on them as an expression of a degenerative change

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this case was owing to a diseased condition of the sensitive

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which we had noted in cases of congenital pyloric stenosis.

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ings and the use of unclean nipples and nursing bottles.

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principles as predisposing factors in the propagation of

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on the lamented death of Dr Page appointed an Examiner in the

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urably favorable. After this pivotal event the prognosis as to life

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The cheapest sources of starch or sugar are corn molasses and

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there appeared an eruption on the mucous membrane of the mouth which