dressing the inhabitants of the colony of New Hampshire
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mends the injection of a large quantity of dead typhoid bacilli
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By these means she was reduced to an extremely weak state. After
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revulsives are of use tincture of iodine cantharides
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of dibasic or polybasic acids such as acid potassium malate citrate
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The subject of the above report was a Chinese bonnet
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the application of exact methods and systematic study and the commencement of
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tically the same results were obtained as on the previous
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which terminated favorably. The treatment was local
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Malaria control units malaria survey units as well as general station and field
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was now free from pain. The catamenial discharge continued
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Mortification will sometimes occur not from inflammation but
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rabbits he observed local action on the jaw bones in cases only in
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natural return channels is not known it is probable
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by whom it was referred to the Secretary of War who told me
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