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certain institutions that though not themselves medical are
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Epidemic influenza is markedly contagious and rapid in its spread and
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The causes of deadi during chloroform anaesthesia may be divided
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advantage in some cases where the icraseur was at present employed.
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follicles are so frequently affected by small pox as that of the
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bility of the stomach a gentle emetic see lt gt does good
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did also almost all fall out. With such infection did
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seen to be admitted but this is because of obvious domestic reasons
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animals as a result of scratching and rubbing on account of
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or wiggle tails should be destroyed in water barrels casks and other
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elapsed between the ingestion of the poison and the onset of the
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centers may affect the vital centers just as seriously as
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affection possibly only functional at first soon becomes structural.
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damagi d beyond recovery and are therefore useless.
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and is wanting in any sound basis of scientific proof.
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Torrij about three years after Hewson had described thm
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In September a survey of the school M showed that although at
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has begun to ulcerate. It causes constant pain which
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antenor cornu of the cord may destroy some of the nerve ceUs
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may be detected at its upper margin but more often at the level
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tion of both ears with total loss of hearing on the left
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tory of former deliveries demonstrated plainly that
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July of Statistical Sketches of Upper Canada for the
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a little later the matter vomited and the discharges from the
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ficial operative dissemination took place or finally
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light solids in a gradual manner for example white meat of chicken or
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erysipelas variola and varicella. It is not uncommon as a complication
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customed are not always exempt. It generally censes
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In August the University of Jena will celebrate the
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branches of general practice was neglected and almost re
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rious Claudiau family flourished in Rome courageous
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particularly as the former are generally subject to exhaustive
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to raise matter through all these grades at once. On the con
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before the st of October wiU be allowed to complete
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sect and was therefore prejudiced. The Insular Board of
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Von AntropoFF A. Ein vcrcinfachte und vcrbcsscrtc Form der Tdplerschen
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various agencies responsible for air evacuation. Patients were given three priority
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broad and is tense to the feel but there is no fluctuation. The
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these are oj gt erations depriving the economy of the essential organs
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