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Dobell wished particularly to impress that as it only treated
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examination the candidate is required to pay an aildilional fee of five
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is usually affected. With involvement of the cervical lumbar or sacral gang
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were saved it would be worth while. The most striking
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Since then others have published negative results how
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very important. Imitation in the child is one of the
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haps generally. given u iubbtaute. It may be given dry
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test Calmette s test or inoculation experiments. The
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pathogenic action of the virus which is swallowed with the saliva or
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troubles. Sedan gives the result of thirteen years experience in
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thalmic nerve of Hoffmann s descriptions of embryos of rep
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are neither malarious nor enteric. Dr. Joubert of Calcutta has
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a neuralgic character to which he paid no attention but for the
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instead of being single run together and form great blisters.
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somewhat heavier but still floats on water. It has lost
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The case that we report is of interest because the condition was
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communication with the external world. It is under the influence
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fragment of this spleen developed general tuberculosis. Vnothei specimen of blood
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demic of in parts of the Southern States. During the autumn of
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polite literature and assuredly of no ungentle natuie and
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fore that howCT er much the phenomena of reaction even in
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field of operation by careful disinfection and thorough drainage at
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datids being found mixed up Avith the expectorated matter that
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ther. It is a misapplication of the term civilisation to apply to it
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toxemia in the alimentary canal wherein the stasis was
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fixed steadily on the only worthy object the final extermination
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of the tendons but Poirier failed to find any such narrowing and
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Fig. Schematic illustration of method of incarceration.
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fants during the period of teething and never after
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unnatural will although no mental imbecility in the
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development of clinical symptoms despite the growth
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sometimes present these are either caused by congestion of the liver
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ances to which Sir W. Gull and Dr. Sutton had applied the term
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porarily lessen the profuse haemorrhage and assuage pain. He
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needed. But for ordinary cases of home treatment I think to pt. is
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to believe quoting Dr. gt I. that nothing is needed
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bone and teeth and the very dangerous form next described may
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old of such accomplishments petty prejudices and per